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This site serves as a stomping ground for both the magickally minded and those just looking to find better success in their lives.  This website was created to serve as a foundation for classes & trainings, sessions & readings, and just great resources for personal and external success!


Connecting People to... something more. 

We all have plenty of things.  We have information at the touch of our fingertips.  Maybe it's time to focus on healing.  Healing and integrating the self, others and the world to bring about peace and love!  To align ourselves with our soul's purpose.  To easily break bad habits and set healthy boundaries.  Let's explore this world together! class, workshop, session or blog at a time. 


This Is Me

Hello Friends, 

Mina here.  I am an herbalist, practicing witch of over 16 years, certified Tarot Reader and a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher through the ICRT.  

As much as I love my magickal practice, I have been incredibly passionate about Reiki!  I really wanted a way that I could provide healing, serve and teach more people, and Reiki was my answer!

I am multi-passionate, but this site serves mostly as a foundation for Reiki Training, booking Reiki sessions and tarot readings, as well as a dumping ground in a beautiful blog format!

To get a more in person view, check out my socials!

All the best,


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