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This is a special, new service, addition to the site.  

There are many people in the human world that may not understand some problems that we experience in energy work, magick, light work, metaphysics, etc.  They might not understand if you feel cursed or bad energies that seem to be blocking your progress.  If a spell went wrong or you are trying to create one.  They might not understand about manifestation or how to connect with other dimensional beings, Gods/Goddesses.  Or perhaps with psychic development, chakras, working with guides, creating protection charms/shields and any other number of situations.

But I do.  

This service is in place so that we can go on a zoom call to troubleshoot what's going on in your energy healing, magickal journey in order to provide you support, solutions and results.  Whether you just need someone to hold space for you or some deep issues that need answers, I got you.

We might just be on call talking through the situation.  I might pull some cards, use other forms of divination or activate my own connection to my spiritual teachers and guides to provide solutions.  

Typically, sessions last around an hour and a half but wont go over two hours.  


I am not a doctor, therapist, lawyer and so I will not advise on certain topics.  Please see those professionals for specific problems in these areas.  I am a spiritual, magickal and metaphysical advisor.  I help in matters "unseen."


Spiritual Magickal Guidance

  • This service is not refundable.  You may transfer service once to a different day of your choosing if you cannot make your appointment.  You may also transfer funds to a different product/service if you feel that would fit your needs better.  If you do not show up to your appointment and do not contact us to cancel/reschedule then your funds will be forfeit.  If you have to cancel please do so 24 hours or more in advance.  If you need to reschedule or transfer funds to a different product/service you may do so within one year from date of purchase.  After the year, if you have not used your credit, your funds will be forfeit.  

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