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Class Testimonials

Reiki Therapy

"If there was good money to be made in taking classes, it would most certainly be my chosen profession.  This was not the first Reiki I and II class I had taken. In fact, it was the third.  I had a lot of learning experiences to compare Mina’s class to. I was NOT disappointed! I’ve found that often, the new perspective that a new teacher can put on a subject you already “know” can make that subject fresh all over again. Mina is the type of teacher who does this. Her solid foundation in the understanding of Reiki, coupled with her willingness to always learn more, creates an incredibly rich learning experience! Her approach to teaching incorporates a delightful curiosity and authenticity that make it a joyous experience to be in her class and genuinely learn together! She is competent and caring, but not afraid to nudge you out of your comfort zone so you get the most out of your time in class with her. I found myself excitedly looking forward to starting up again whenever we would take a break! I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Mina as a teacher and mentor! And I know that she will, without a doubt, be continuing to enrich my life going forward!"

— Brooke Barker, Reiki Master Teacher

The Following is an excerpt from the manual that is included with the Reiki I & 2 Degree Class:

"Some of the positive, healthy traits Reiki is capable of developing within us include patience, love of self and others and non-competitiveness.  It improves the quality of joy and peace we experience and most importantly increases our connection to the Source of Reiki so that an even stronger feeling of safety develops as Reiki more easily guides our lives and watches over all that we do.  And this understanding helps us to appreciate that Reiki has unlimited potential... It simply means you will be able to always access the Reiki energy and if you give it permission, and work with it, it can refine your ability to channel ever higher and more effective levels of healing energy."

- William Rand

If this sounds like something your soul, heart and curiosities are calling you to do, please click below to see our class schedules!

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