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Tarot is a beautiful, spiritual divination experience that dates back hundreds of years ago, originating in the 14th Century.  Divination, or the practice of seeing into the unknown or future, has definitely been around since humanity began!

We need it!  We need to have a space to sink into ourselves.  A space that will look at our energy, our vibrations and how we are either magnetizing or repelling the gifts and potentials of our lives.  A space that we can pour over our relationships, struggles and goals.  A space that will answer back! 

The tarot can offer great insights into so many aspects of our lives and open up conversations with your reader that provides a space and foundation for one to pour over dreams, conflicts, roadblocks, love and so very much more!

The beautiful thing as a reader is, that without the restrictions that some

professions have, we can say absolutely what we see and how it is presented.  And although we spend and pour our lives into working with our guides and spirits, accessing our psychic awareness, and delving into the beautiful archetypes of the cards, we must represent this beautiful reading as fiction and solely for your entertainment!

You are the driver of your life, and no matter what information you receive from a reading, you, and you alone, decide what holds true for you and should be acted upon, and what needs to be lovingly left with the cards and the reading. 

Tarot, like so many spiritual & healing modalities, work better with modern medicine.  The goal isn’t to replace the important time that you spend with your therapist or enlightened medical professional, but to serve as an added building block for your life.  That being said, please always consult your medical professional with your medical needs as this is not our area of expertise!

If you are ready, click to purchase and let us journey together in this beautiful reading. 

After purchase, Mina will contact you to discuss a time and day for your reading.  Skype is preferred, but we can discuss other options if that is needed.  We do not set a timer for readings.  This set price will span anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  Typically, readings go for about 45 minutes, with some added time for clarifying any questions and further discussion at the end. 

This is non-refundable, but it is transferable one time if you are unable to make your appointment.

See our FAQ’s or contact us with any further questions!

Candle in Hands

I enjoyed my tarot reading so much!  Mina really took the time to explain what she was seeing/feeling.  Very professional and personable.  My reading got emotional and not once was I feeling uncomfortable about any of it.  A very safe space!  Very spot on about how the cards pertained to my life!  I will definitely recommend her to people and have her read my cards again!


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