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I am so very grateful that my path has led me to connect with Mina and Dragon Fire Reiki & Healing Arts! Although our paths have crossed only recently, she has literally changed my life at every turn! Whether listening to her wisdom via YouTube, learning and practicing the healing art of Reiki in person together, receiving a tarot reading via Zoom, or just chatting over social media, her genuine caring and authenticity combined with wisdom that seems beyond her years creates a healing space that holds you in such a loving embrace that magick truly begins to happen everywhere you turn. I cannot wait to see where her journey takes her next because I can’t wait to ride along! If you want to learn Reiki or are looking for guidance in your life, don’t even hesitate. Connect with Mina and Dragon Fire. It will change your life too!



A word keeps coming to my mind when I think about the experience I had with Dragon Fire Reiki I & II. That word is *transformation*. I didn’t expect to be personally transformed, as I am, from the gift of Reiki. It’s as though my consciousness just got a new pair of glasses. Classes were conducted with careful teaching & thoughtful consideration for the student’s individuality. I describe the learning process with Dragon Fire Reiki as being effortless and as nature intended knowledge to flow. Beyond the technical & practical was the most profound process of all for me; The Placement. For that experience, there are no words. I had no intensions toward a Reiki practice as a business when I started these classes. My interest was mainly to improve the quality of life for my wife, our pets, and myself. Surprisingly, after completing my Reiki II class I felt prepared and ready to begin practicing Reiki beyond our little family. Although it’s normally outside of my comfort-zone, I’m now confident that I can be a Reiki provider wherever there is a need for it. I’m truly honored to carry the gift of Reiki.



This weekend I completed my HolyFire Reiki Masterclass with Mina. It was amazing. I was nervous about spending three whole days learning but I never got bored. I appreciated her teaching style and the extra things she included in the class that many others would have probably skimmed over. I have a deeper understanding of the Reiki energy and now I can train people myself to be Reiki practitioners. Thank you Mina, you're incredible!

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I recently had a reading with Mina and it was a wonderful, powerful experience.  Her intuitive guidance helped me to look at situations in my life in a new, positive way.  Mina truly cares about her clients and her reading with me was very thorough and toughtful.  I also had a Reiki distance healing session with Mina.  I could really feel the healing power of Reiki coming through to me, affecting me not only physically, but spiritually as well.  Mina is living her life purpose as a healer and teacher.  If you are seeking answers or healing on your spiritual journey, I would definitely recommend that you schedule some time with Mina!



Since I live several states from Mina, she provided Reiki sessions for me via technology while I comfortably relaxed at home.  Each was a beautiful experience and the outcome helpful.  Please be encouraged that one may still enjoy the benefits of Reiki from a distance.  



I enjoyed my tarot reading so much!  Mina really took the time to explain what she was seeing/feeling.  Very professional and personable.  My reading got emotional and not once was I feeling uncomfortable about any of it.  A very safe space!  Very spot on about how the cards pertained to my life!  I will definitely recommend her to people and have her read my cards again!



I had a reading with Mina and it was very insightful.  She hit on a lot of things I'd been feeling and I like that she tells it like it is, in the nicest way possible.  If you're looking to get a reading you will not be disappointed getting one from Mina.  

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I just got a private tarot reading with Mina.  I felt so much more blessed and got clarity I've been searching for.  This has been a long journey of 4 years for me.  I felt she covered all I needed and more!  Highly recommend her for all your spiritual needs and tarot readings.  I will be returning.  Thanks for a magickal blessing.  Blessed be.  

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