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  • What is Reiki?
    In its simplest form, Reiki is a self-guided energetic healing system from a special kind of "ki" (Chi in Chinese cultures) that is guided by universal spiritual consciousness. Everything on the planet that is living has Ki. Ki is the main energy for our emotions, thoughts and spiritual lives. All healers use life energy or Ki, but not all use Reiki. Only practitioners that have had Reiki Attunements or Placements are able to channel Reiki. Reiki guides itself to where the client needs it most and so it is a pure, unbiased, powerful healer and facilitator to align oneself to higher frequencies and better living.
  • How Can I Give Reiki?
    A placement or attunement is all that is needed to be able to give yourself and others Reiki. Most states only require a certificate class to open your own Reiki practice, but some areas require more. Our Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I/II class will provide students with the necessary placements in order to give themselves and others Reiki.
  • Can Reiki Cause Harm?
    Reiki is self guided by the highest universal life energies and spiritual consciousness and therefore it cannot cause harm. It cannot be used to curse, hex or wish anyone harm. It is a loving, healing and peaceful energy. Since Reiki is self guided and channeled by the practitioner it does not deplete or use the practitioners energy. The only potentially negative affects of Reiki would be temporarily feeling tired or weak after receiving a placement. This is due to the bodies cleansing process as it attunes to higher frequencies and toxins are being released. This may potentially happen after having an initial Reiki experience, but doesn't happen often if the student or client has been making effort to care for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies in some capacity.
  • Can Anyone Learn Reiki?
    ANYONE! Yes, anyone can learn Reiki. There are no religious, spiritual, intellectual or meditative requirements to learn Reiki. All one needs is to attend a class and receive their Reiki Placements.
  • Is Reiki A Religion?  Will it conflict with mine?
    Reiki is NOT a religion. It is spiritual in nature as it works on the energetic, as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It has no dogma. Reiki does not manipulate, coerce or convert. It works with whatever religion the practitioner has and has been reported by many people from many different religions and traditions to enhance their practice and experience within that religion/spiritual practice. If your practitioner/master has a different religious belief than the client, and is doing a Reiki session on them, the Reiki will flow to the client in its clear and truest form. It won't take anything from the practitioner into the client. Rest assured whatever your spiritual or religious practice is, Reiki only does good. It won't put any sort of wedge between you and your practice.
  • My Child Wants to Learn Reiki or Get a Reiki Session.  Can They?
    Yes. Children and teenagers can definitely benefit from Reiki sessions and class! Please contact us for more information. The parent/guardian will need to fill out a consent form for the minor to receive a session or take class.

Many answers to these FAQ's are taken directly out of our Reiki training manuals.  To learn even more about Reiki, sign up for class!

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