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In-Person Reiki Sessions

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Distant Reiki Sessions

Distant Reiki Sessions are just as powerful and potent as an in person session.  The only limitation is the expectations and what the client welcomes and allows within themselves.  

Whether the focus is on relaxation and stress relief, an energetic cleanse, chakra balancing, removing blocks or attachments, healing from dis-ease, focusing on manifesting a goal, or just sinking into self love/self healing space, let Reiki work with you to allow you to become a more whole, loving and peaceful version of yourself.

Reiki never harms and isn't intrusive.  This energy flows where it is needed most to align, heal, relax and rejuvenate.  Because of this we cannot make any claims that Reiki "for sure" will affect you any particular way.  It has an intelligence of its own and will benefit each client differently.

One can never have "too much" Reiki.  The more one has, the more healing, aligning and relaxation can take place.  The choice is left up to you to declare the needs of your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.  

You may choose to have your session while on live Zoom call, over the phone, or discuss a day and time where you can relax and receive it (for example while you're sleeping).  We'll make sure to discuss this with you before your session. 

Please see our FAQ's or contact us for a free consultation to discuss your goals within this session.

Standard Reiki Session (Distant)