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The "Why" of your Reiki Session

With Reiki, you don’t need to know why.

This is one of the differences between business and life success talk versus spiritual talk. In business, just like Simon Sinek says, we “Start with why.”

Why do I want to pursue this project?

Why do I want this job?

Why is this product amazing?

In this way, we begin with why.

But with Reiki, we practice trust. We practice faith and surrender. We ignite our symbols, set our ego and expectations aside and channel healing energy. We listen to what the Reiki consciousness is saying. To our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls…

So, we can walk into a session without the why. We can simply just show up. We can show up with questions. We can lay on that table unsure, or at a crossroads.

It is not necessary to have all the answers or be in our most empowered, confident state. We are not under pressure to achieve any particular results.

For this is healing work all that is needed is a yearning for healing to take place, an open heart and trust.

It is beautiful and nurturing to have these times and spaces for our lives. Where we can simply let go, onto the table and into the space of a healer. Where we can lay in a simple state of being. And let the healing impact us in whatever depth and aspects we are ready for.

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