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Turn it Off, Turn it In.

Let's be real, it's just way too easy to constantly need to be entertained these days. Even in a

simple moment of silence, we seek to fill it. Going to take a quick restroom break, let's scroll TikTok.

How about waiting in line, let's check Twitter. We fill our quiet hours with noise, information, distraction and entertainment all the time.

And that's ok!

But every once in a while, we need to turn it off. And turn it in. Our awareness I mean. If we are always externally focused with the information we absorb throughout the day, then what we aren't focused on is being present with our own energy, magick and essence.

We lose sight of our center, our joy and state of flow. We find ourselves in tribal energy and mind instead of personal power and sovereignty. We also find that our anxiety and stress levels increase.

Set a goal for yourself, even just 5 minutes a day. To turn "it" off, whatever that is! (Netflix, your favorite podcast, Tiktok, Facebook, even a book or video game) Turn it all off.

Then turn your energy within.

Find your center.

Feel your breath.

Listen through your heart.

Cleanse your mind.

Send light throughout your aura.

Listen to the Earth.

Turn within.

This is one of the best daily practices you can do to nourish your spirit and soul.

Daily prayer, breathwork, Self-Reiki, Offerings, Divination, Meditation, journaling and reflection are also wonderful practices that help keep you aligned and connected with your soul's purpose, in refined connection with your guides and powers, and authentic devotion to your goals in the present.



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