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Reiki Healing has a very easy and light way to access and release spiritual attachments, curses, energetic cords and old contracts/agreements.

Using the Reiki (self-guided) consciousness to access what the client needs to release and is ready for, the practitioner can easily remove these energies and spirits directly into The Light and Space of Divine Healing. Therefore, there isn't a battle or resistance from the energy.


Once the cord or attachment has been removed and sent to a healing dimension, the practitioner will spend time sending Reiki to mend the aura or space where it once was.


We all accumulate cords and attachments from breakups, betrayals, deaths, past lives and any manner of harmful thoughts, emotions, actions and habits. Therefore, spending some time to target these areas specifically can be very helpful to the balance and health of one's energy bodies, as well as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Please visit our Reiki page here to get a full description for the benefits of Reiki.


Once you book a session, I will email you and we can talk about a time and date that works for both of our schedules. Please allow 10-20 minutes in addition to your session time as we'll do some pre-session chatting to talk about focal points, as well as some post session chatting to allow for "processing out loud" time, any Q&A that comes up and more.


Sessions are conducted online Live via Zoom.  


If this is your first session with us, in order to have adequate time to have a "get to know you" consultation, complete the session and spend plenty of time clearing harmful & imbalanced energies, please see the hour+ session options. "The Healing Quickie" is for those who have regular (meaning monthly to bimonthly) sessions.


Let us know if you have any questions! In person sessions are *BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.* No walk-ins available at this time.

Reiki Session - Spirit/Cord Attachment Release and Heal