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Image by Sarah Brown

A word keeps coming to my mind when I think about the experience I had with Dragon Fire Reiki I & II. That word is *transformation*. I didn’t expect to be personally transformed, as I am, from the gift of Reiki. It’s as though my consciousness just got a new pair of glasses. Classes were conducted with careful teaching & thoughtful consideration for the student’s individuality. I describe the learning process with Dragon Fire Reiki as being effortless and as nature intended knowledge to flow. Beyond the technical & practical was the most profound process of all for me; The Placement. For that experience, there are no words. I had no intentions toward a Reiki practice as a business when I started these classes. My interest was mainly to improve the quality of life for my wife, our pets, and myself. Surprisingly, after completing my Reiki II class I felt prepared and ready to begin practicing Reiki beyond our little family. Although it’s normally outside of my comfort-zone, I’m now confident that I can be a Reiki provider wherever there is a need for it. I’m truly honored to carry the gift of Reiki.

Rich, Holy Fire® Reiki Practitioner

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