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Beyond the Class, Advanced Reiki

Too often, practitioners misunderstand the depth and potential of Reiki. I cannot pinpoint the origination of this, whether from a miss in the teaching or the understanding of the energy healing. But it's neither here nor there. The point here is to discuss the potential of Reiki. The full potential.

Becoming attuned or placed with Reiki allows one to access an instant, high vibrational, incredibly intelligent and self-directing healing consciousness. Such that can heal within all aspects of one's energy bodies, within this life, extending far into the past as well as the future.

But Reiki doesn't have to be its own entity. This highest divine guidance works in conjunction with whatever ones spiritual/healing/magickal practice is.

As a teacher of the cosmic healing and magickal arts it is my responsibility to look beyond the book. To seek deeper, in order to understand, connect and then share with the students that align with my frequency.

Therefore, I am always looking for ways to break the labels, molds and limitations. To listen and seek the cosmic consciousness itself and not limit myself to foundational training. When I teach Reiki, I listen to the Reiki & Magick that is spoken to me based on where my students are, but always look for opportunities to implement Reiki healing energy in new and substantial ways!

No matter where one gets Reiki training from, at the conclusion of class the suggestion is ALWAYS to find a Healing Group that you resonate with in order to continually show up and serve the consciousness of Reiki and the collective healing of humanity.

In my Reiki circle, starting April 2022, I am excited to announce that I will officially be adding all of the "add-ons" that I acquired for class to be accessible to this circle of seekers, practitioners and healers.

Any new discovery, implementation, exercise, expression, connection and message from this beautiful Reiki Magick energy will be homed within this group. I will of course implement whatever time allows for in Reiki Master+ classes, but there are so many ways to grow, evolve and really explore and connect with this beautiful energy that I know there simply won't be enough time in class for everything.

Let this be an invitation to you if you feel called, to join our circle of Healers if you so wish to continue to expand and deepen your connection with this limitless healing consciousness.

Hope to see you there my friends.

All the best,


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