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Empower deep levels with This.

The sacred, magickal and healing work that we do whether from Reiki, Tarot Readings or Rituals is incredibly sacred. It has the potential to align, heal and empower within deep levels of one's being. All around. Physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually,... throughout time and space.

The potential is really magnificent.

But in order to fully embrace the class, reading, session or healing, both the client as well as the practitioner must fully surrender themselves.

To the present moment.

To the psychic impressions that communicate.

To healing sensations and messages.

To fully trust and allow themselves to channel.

To embrace and clear whatever emotions and feelings arise.

To allow magick and healing to take place.

To embrace their personal call to love and truth (whatever that looks like).

My boyfriend often looks at my plate when I make a sandwich and will say, "Wow! That's quite a sandwich!" Of course, followed by something along the lines of how he should let me make his. Toasted and thick with veggies, condiments, meat and cheese, I look to him and say, "If you're going to make a sandwich, MAKE a sandwich."

I say this because the same is true for a session, class or reading. If someone is going to be the giver, receiver, or both in said event, make it count! Show up fully. Invest yourself fully. Jump in fully. Believe in the truth and of your deservedness to heal, succeed and flourish.

And so it is,


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