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Star Healer

Why am I a Healer?

I love this, because it alludes to the fact that I had a choice in the matter, which I did.

We can choose from many different paths in life. I accepted the path of Healer, but I could’ve just as easily accepted another path.

Remember that…

First, being a Healer to me, means being a problem solver. And I love solving problems. I speak in patterns and rhythms' and so that’s how I solve problems; I look at the rhythms and patterns in one’s energy field, aura, different body centers, etc. to help them find and heal disease lines and lineages, break stale patterns and accept more ease, peace and prosperity.

It fulfills my life to see someone inspired, ready to persevere, having a deep moment and healing.

When I was a teenager, I was a loner by choice and didn’t speak much. It seems weird and possibly exaggerated, but I couldn’t handle small talk. It felt fake and pointless to me.

I craved depth and meaning! In everything, not just on “special” occasions. I believe this has a great significance for me in why I am called to be a Star Healer.

Because you have great light hidden within you, and I want to help you call it out! I want to help you awaken and discover your power. Or at least, I’d love to create some inspiring community and conversation to foster the vibes for you to discover it on your own!

That is my truth. That is my calling. I don’t wanna tear down or close. I want to clean up and open. And that’s exactly what a healer does.

The End.


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I find the energy output required to participate in small talk to be tremendously draining. I could never understand how others didn't feel this too. I know, for me, this contributes to my need to have time away from people to recharge or regain this energy. I love people, but it definitely takes a toll to be in "social" situations for very long. I've often been labeled terse, abrupt, tactless, or even rude because I just don't have the energy to spend trying not to step on anyone's toes. I would never intentionally hurt someone. On the contrary, I want to help...always. So, I say what I think needs to be said and hope it lands as gently as po…

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