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The Dusty Projects

If you are like me, you may find that you have gotten to a point in your spiritual practice where you have figured out how to make time for daily habits and routines to begin the beautiful process of nourishing your soul on a daily basis.

Which is AMAZING progress! Developing our daily habit routine can help us express ourselves healthily, integrate our shadows, awaken and feed our intuitions, get inspired with new ideas and believe me, much more!

But today, what I'm thinking about is actually to take one day a week to throw the habits out the window, or to play around with the routine of the days...

Because let's be real, we only have so much time and energy in the day. Not many people have mastered the practice of being laser focused and productive with the time we have.

So, while we debate about how we are going to plan something or we procrastinate on a task, well, we get distracted. So yes, most likely many of us have a lot of wasted time throughout the day.

What I notice with myself is that no matter if I'm laser focused or distracted throughout the day, I still get to an energetic point that I have to stop working for the day. And I keep finding myself here right between the places of "all my daily habits are done" and "I better clean up, make dinner and hang out with the family for a bit."

Though I'm so happy and grateful that I have made time for my daily practice of reading, meditating, exercising, doing my affirmations, etc...

I'm missing out on other important activities. Activities like researching, planning out bigger projects, creative time, brainstorming time, etc.

If I do have these times, they don't get the kind of love and attention that the habits on my tracker get.

What is the solution here? Is it to rotate my habits to have some days focused on certain things, while others are focused on others to make a well-rounded week?

We can try to pretend that our lives are simple and that we don't have a million things going on, all day long, but is that really true?

I don't mind a busy life at all! But trying to navigate around how to orchestrate it is definitely an art that I'm playing around with lately.

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