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Reiki Healing is just as effective distantly as it is in person.  Choose whether you'd like to schedule a time to be live on Zoom or phone, or whether you'd like to receive the session while you sleep or at a time of your choosing.  Or select "in person" if you're going to visit us in Harlan, Iowa.  (I do have a cat so just be aware if you have cat allergies.  )


Please visit our Reiki page here to get a full description for the benefits of Reiki.


Once you book a session, I will email you and we can talk about a time and date that works for both of our schedules.  Please allow 10-20 minutes in addition to your session time as we'll do some pre-session chatting to talk about focal points, as well as some post session chatting to allow for "processing out loud" time, any Q&A that comes up and more.


Anything used for your session (sheets, blankets, pillow case, eye coverings) is changed out and cleaned after each client.  This is just an fyi so you know that everything is cleaned when you arrive.  I do typically cleanse the energy of the space with either incense or essential oil diffusers.  If you have any allergies or bad reactions to these things, please let me know ahead of time.


This price is for a standard hour session.  


Let us know if you have any questions!  In person sessions are *BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.* No walk-ins available at this time. 

Reiki Session - 1 hour (in person or distant)


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